In a world of continuous uncertainty, it’s critical to have contingency plans in place.  This certainly includes fire departments and their apparatus fleets that provide on-going protection to citizens and communities within given jurisdictions.  After all, practically any manner of potential issues may surface for a variety of reasons; however, at the end of the day, fire trucks need to be operational and available to deploy at a moment’s notice.  There’s just no compromise!

What could possibly go wrong?  With existing apparatus, a number of daily challenges may present themselves including unexpected fire truck breakdowns, accidents or collisions, component or system failures, warranty repairs or recalls that are done via the apparatus OEM plant, etc.  Another scenario could be local city or county residential and/or commercial growth outpacing the short-term fire apparatus budget increase process for new procurements as well as challenges with potential lead times for new fire trucks and ARFF vehicles.  Finally, there are times when major national events (from political conventions to sports championships) are held in a given city and for a short period of time (perhaps just 2 to 3 weeks), additional apparatus resources are required to supplement an existing fleet.  

One path for back-up support is the rental of used fire apparatus from Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus.  Having access to a broad array of used fire truck configurations (pumpers or engines, tender or tankers, aerials, rescues or squads, ARFFs, etc.) and OEM brands, Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus is ideally situated to provide rental options best suited for a given city or county or even a company.  At any given time, through existing inventory and a vast network of industry connections, Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus has the best access to used fire trucks that can be rented for various timeframes and applications.

Where to begin?  A first pass can be researching Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus’ website:  Among other resources, their Fire Truck Finder digital tool is a great means of locating what may be best suited for potential apparatus available for rent that would meet specific needs or requirements for a fire department.  

Outside of Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus, other potential sources include Fire Trucks Unlimited ( and specifically for ARFF vehicles, Company Two Fire (  All three companies have used fire trucks that can be rented to provide immediate protection for any city, county, state or federal agency, military base, industrial or commercial site, mining operation, or civilian airport.  

Rent a used fire truck or ARFF?  Not far fetched whatsoever and perhaps even the optimal solution for immediate needs that must be met within certain budget constraints.  Discover the fire apparatus rental possibilities with Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus; Fire Trucks Unlimited; and/or Company Two Fire.  

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