There are many challenges with sustaining continuous airport operations including the safety and security for passengers, employees, contractors, airport property or infrastructure, and aircraft.  From a firefighting and emergency response perspective, this includes Aircraft Rescue & Fire-Fighting (ARFF) vehicles and their readiness to tackle any incident that may occur.  

Regrettably, coverage challenges arise when ARFF trucks have unscheduled service, major repairs, or warranty requirements to be addressed.  Additionally,  circumstances occasionally arise when  an in-service or reserve unit simply needs to be replaced.  While awaiting the build and delivery of a new ARFF vehicle, operations managers need a contingency plan to provide the protection required to sustain the airport’s index rating.  From time to time, there may even be a special event that boosts the airport’s aviation traffic and an additional ARFF vehicle or vehicles are needed for a limited time period to boost coverage.

The good news is that there are options on the market to provide for any of these possibilities – or predicaments!  What’s at least one potential answer?

The most common solution path is leasing a quality preowned ARFF vehicle that is fully ready and reliable in supporting your airport.  With the unpredictability of when and what your operations may require, there are supply partners that have access to used ARFF trucks available for lease.  A ready-for-lease ARFF truck is a vehicle that has been reconditioned and readied for deployment to keep your operations in full force. This bridges your mission-critical gap so you are not impaired by an out-of-service ARFF truck or as you await a new rig to be built and delivered.  

Fortunately, there are reputable suppliers that are focused on the leasing of ARFF vehicles for these very reasons.  With the specialized nature of ARFF trucks as well as the critical requirements of airport operations, it’s very important to have a commercial supplier that knows the ARFF product and aviation industry, has availability of sound pre-owned ARFF rigs, and has a demonstrated track record of supporting civilian airports as well as military operations.  Furthermore, suppliers in this market should have qualified, trained ARFF service technicians on staff that can be on-site as well for any further support required.    

Among the qualified supplier partner options, three that can support you in this regard include:

In addition to ARFF vehicles, if your airport fleet includes structural fire apparatus as well as ambulances, and you have urgent needs for backup vehicles such as these, the same companies listed above can meet your requirements.

Explore your options today so that you are prepared for tomorrow – and mitigate your risks with standby ARFF vehicles (and more) at the ready!  Having a sound contingency plan in place can make all the difference when the inevitable unexpected situation arises! 

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