While Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting (ARFF) vehicles are often the priority purchase for civilian airports and military airbases, there are sometimes other fire apparatus and ambulance needs that may be met with used vehicles.  In particular, this may be the case when the allocation of budget resources is first dedicated to new ARFF rigs but other fire and emergency vehicle needs still exist.

Used structural fire apparatus may be sourced to support an airport fire department with protecting hangers, warehouses, terminal buildings, parking garages, and hotels.  From preowned quick attacks, pumpers and tankers to aerial ladders and platforms, a variety of used mobile assets can be acquired to meet varied financial constraints or timeliness of delivery to replace existing apparatus in short order.  If an airport or air base has significant fuel storage tank farms, a used industrial pumper or pumper/tanker with foam concentrate proportioning as well as a foam concentrate tank may be a viable option to consider as well.

Outside of used fire trucks, an airport may have needs for a used ambulance, rescue, and/or a command center rig.  There are any number of possibilities regarding optimal configurations based on the specifics of the given situation.  To illustrate, perhaps a smaller (generally 10 to 12-foot size) used rescue body on a Ford, RAM, or Chevrolet chassis to carry hydraulic rescue tools, lifting bags, a portable generator, and other mission required tools and equipment is all that is needed.  On the other hand, the need could be for a full size preowned command center vehicle that has interior desks, a conference table, and a myriad of other systems.  Finally, patient transport capabilities via a used Type I or Type III ambulance may be exactly what is required for support at an airport fire department.

Where or from whom can any of these used fire apparatus and ambulances be located?

Fortunately, one source – Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus (www.firetruckmall.com) – has every conceivable product configuration that an airport fire department may need.  With a 20+ year track record, Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus (BMFA) is the industry hub for all used fire truck and ambulance needs.  Plus, BMFA has all the service capabilities with facilities, equipment, and technicians to perform basic service and if preferred, major refurbishment to a used rig prior to it being placed into service with a new owner.
And by the way, if a used ARFF is needed for purchase or even rent, Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus has those too!  Plus, Company Two Fire (www.companytwofire.com) and Fire Trucks Unlimited (www.firetrucksunlimited.com) are equally qualified to locate used ARFF vehicles as well as structural apparatus for rent. 

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